Persuasive Essay On Abortion

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Abortion is a popular topic in the United State. It is also a sensitive topic which involves women rights, health, and politics. Many people join abortion debate to discuss whether women should keep the right to abortion. The pro-life side on abortion argues that abortions are immoral way to murder a unborn child, but the pro-choice side defends that women should have their rights to choose how to treat their bodies. Pregnant is a natural way for women to reproduce their next generation. “It is unnatural for woman to interrupt the natural process of pregnancy, in the only way she can do so — by killing the child in her womb” (A letter to woman’s lobby). Abortion is a violation of human rights, and it should be considered unconstitutional to remove a fetus from a mother as normal request because it deprives an individual of their life.
It is a miracle that a new life breeds in a mother’s body. Since the moment that a zygote settles down and starts to
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Every mother might enjoy the times that she carries her baby with love. Abortion breaks the natural law to deprive life from a fetus; therefore, it could be seen as murder. It would cause permanent physical and psychological damage to the mother. In normal situation, abortion is been seen as a way to avoid responsibility. The mother want to abort the fetus if it is unwanted. Once the mother get pregnant, both parents should take care of this life. If a couple is not ready for the parenthood, they should take conceptive measures. People should be responsible to the result cause by their behaviors. In some special conditions, the mother’s rights has been violated. Abortion might be a way to defend herself. People should consider abortion at this time because both the mother and the fetus have the same right to live. In conclusion, abortion should not be considered constitutional as normal request. People should not be allowed to abort when they want a convenient way to get rid of
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