Persuasive Essay: My Forgive To Live

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FORGIVE TO LIVE I want to forgive so I can live the life promised to me The life God wants for me when I believe I believe God’s word is true I must do what He says to do In order to receive the promises He has for me I must let my faith be my eyes to see He really knows just what I need I must let His word be the seed to grow me into maturity as I walk into my destiny I want to forgive so I can live the abundant life Free of resentment, bitterness or strife I desire everything God has for me I want his forgiveness, grace, faithfulness, and mercy I want to forgive because It is the only way I can live I must forgive just like my Father up above He decided to love His enemies to show the world He is love. Today, because I am forgiven, I forgive.…show more content…
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But you must trust me to do what I do I have the best plan I know what road to choose Obey my word and you will not lose Be still and know that I am your God Don’t be distracted by what you see Trust my word and just believe The enemy has no power over you I allow the tests that you go through All power is within my hand Know who you are and understand You are just passing through down here; this world is not your home Keep focus on the path you are on for you are not alone Distractions comes in all shapes and forms to get you off course Keep your eyes on me, let me be the force To lead and guide you with each step that you take Hold on to my hand, seek me first for every choice you make I will give you the strength you need to endure thru each day Just acknowledge me in all your ways and don’t forget to pray Distractions come to cloudy your view To make you feel you don’t know what to do They come to cause doubt, worry and fear Know that I am very near Nothing takes me by surprise nor unaware Cast your cares on me and your burdens I will bear No weapon that the enemy forms against you will succeed Study and meditate upon my word and you will see How I stopped the mouths of lions and took fire out of the

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