Persuasive Essay: Money Can T Buy Happiness?

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Hi i’m kayeen and I believe that you can’t buy happiness.

How can a person feel happy when most of his day is spent working his ass off in an office? Earning money isn’t easy and it takes effort, hard work and a lot of time. It can consume so much of your time that you don’t get any for the other things, things that might seem irrelevant but they actually give you pleasure.
Like a hobby? Having a lot of money to spend over a spa therapy does tempt everyone but what if a simple walk in a park or a picnic with REAL friends gives you more happiness?

Kindness is a virtue that can lighten up many faces at the same time. And you cannot buy any of it with money. Show a little kindness to somebody you just met or help a stranger who appears
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I mean who here can actually say that money has never, ever made

you happy. From the raise you got at work to the time you spent money helping

the poor. I believe that the reputation money has for not making people happy is

because most people haven't found a way to spend their money right.

Firstly, you said that money can buy happiness, in a way that’s true but you can’t buy emotions, how are you suppose to feel happy without emotions and they play a huge part in our lives too.
Secondly, what if one day you get married, are you happy about the amount of gifts and money you got or are you happy that you managed get married to the love of your life.
Lastly, you said that getting a pay raise at work can make you happy. But what if you only got a raise of RM 100 per month, 100 ringgit may seem like a huge amount of money but as you grow older and have to spend more money on stuff you’d really realize it isn’t actually a lot. Anyways back to my point, if you already have SO much money there’s literally money flowing out of your ears and then you get a pay raise what are you going to do with it? You can’t always be donating money to charity, I mean it’s good to donate but you can’t always be donating. Once people have so much money, they start using money like water and having more money and having a nice house and having fancy cars actually give you a higher risk of getting robbed. I don’t think you’d be happy if you got robbed and all your fancy stuff gets
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