Persuasive Essay: Making College Isn T For Everyone

Courtney Nguyen Ms. Chandler HWL1 March 11, 2014 College Isn’t For Everyone There are parents out there that has a child that’s about to enter the adult world and citizens that are paying taxes even though they don’t have a child in school. Would citizens want to pay more taxes for ungrateful and unappreciative students? Would parents want to see their child’s life thrown away because of the wrong crown? Or even seeing their own dream getting thrown away because of the parents? College teaches students responsibly, independence and many more life skills that they need to know in the adult world. They learn to work hard for want they want in life; the easier it comes, the easier it goes. If college is going to be free, most students will not appreciate it as much as if they worked for it for their selves. College should not be a free program that careless and irresponsible students can take advantage of. Thinking about making college free for students for everyone’s lives to be easier? Well it won’t be free for everyone else that’s not a student; nothing in life is completely free. If college tuition is free, does that mean the water bills are free? What about the gas bills for the heaters in the wintertime? Or are the students just going to freeze to death in a classroom trying to learn? What about lunch? Who and how will all of these things get paid? As the Denver Post says, “As wages rise in the rest of the economy, colleges must pay employees more even though their output doesn't increase, leading to higher costs. Simply shifting who pays the bill will do little to change this equation.” (Andrew P. Kelly n.pag.). There are so many other ways making college free could effect people’s time and money. The Smart Mode website say... ... middle of paper ... You don’t have to have a college degree to be successful; it just depends on the student’s determination. TheDailyCaller says, “there are 155,000 janitors with bachelor degrees right now, according to Bob Morse.” Which means, even if the student did graduate college with a degree, doesn’t always mean the job they want. Students who have to pay and work hard for their college will appreciate it more, college should not be free! There will not be enough money, students may get into the wrong crowd, and if they didn’t go to college, they wouldn’t have to waste their time, the teacher’s time, and everyone’s money. So the next time you get something easily, maybe you should think about how and why it came to you so easily, appreciate the things you have because nothing in life is free.
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