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In the year 1776 the founding fathers of the United States of America wrote the declaration of independence, in which they declared that all people had the unalienable right.. to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. Liberty, or the concept of free will and freedom, is an ideal that is still steadfast today, but many are unsure about what their unalienable right really means, especially in relations to one’s own rights. Liberty, a political right, is the power to do or choose what a person wants to and to be able to act and speak freely. The word liberty is a late Middle English word, which originally comes from the Latin word liber or libertas, meaning free. The popularity of this word in writings peaked in the late 1700 and early…show more content…
From remotely controlled drones that can spy on your every movement, even inside your own home, to mobile devices and social media that track you locations, google searches, and interests in order to customize ads and suggested pages, and, many believe, to track your activities and report them to the government. As an example of a liberty that has expanded in concept, is the right to marry. In June of 2015, same-sex marriage was declared legal in all fifty US states and territories. The previous prohibition on same-sex marriage was ruled unconstitutional and against the civil liberty of the right to marriage. Campaigning for this change of law, and release of part of a liberty, began back in the 1970’s , as a breach of American liberty and the amendments in the United States bill of rights. When the right to liberty was declared in the United States constitution, the founding fathers writing it could not have known how far liberty would develop or how much the civil liberties of the American people could expand. Liberty, or the concept of free will and freedom, has numerous applications in daily life, and defers vastly from the concept of determinism. It is, and always will be, highly important for every United States citizen to know and understand their

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