Persuasive Essay Legalizing Marijuana

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Legalizing marijuana, in my opinion, would be a good thing for me. No, I do not smoke marijuana or cigars simply due to the fact that it is against my religion. I am for legalization because; there are many gains from the plant. I want it legalized because; there are many medical uses for it. I have read many scholarly journals and have been exposed to multiple individual that have used marijuana. An excellent example of this is a research done with the use of marijuana. This research does not show how marijuana effects the human body, but the fact that doctors due know that it has benefits and that the numbers shows records of patient using the drug. In the paper it says that “Fifty percent of the sample reported that they used marijuana as a substitute for prescription medicine”…show more content…
My dad, grandmother, and other family member suffer from lower back pain. They are on prescription pain killers. Many people who I have talked to have said that marijuana does not remove the pain it only provides a short relief. I do not know if my family members would try it due to our religion, but other in the same situation would benefit. Another pro is that it can reduce the population of inmates in the jails that are there for possession of marijuana. Our prisons are full and are a burden on tax payers when they are filled with people who have committed small crimes such as marijuana offences. With the money saved from overfilled prisons we can use in research. This leads to my last pro, legalizing marijuana can lead to better and more indebt research studies. When they laws restrict what can and cannot be studied it is not fair, in my opinion. The legalization will allow researchers to see the long term effects of marijuana between medical and recreational marijuana. The use of recreational marijuana is that one can utilize it whenever desired and in medical marijuana the user can only use it on restricted

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