Persuasive Essay: Is It Right To Carry A Gun?

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Gun violence is a very big topic in the u.s.. some people support the idea of carrying a gun and some people are against it. In the past 5 years many schools have been attacked by criminals with guns and many children and teachers died. So the question is, is it right to carry a gun? On October 1st, 2015 there was a shooting in Umpqua College, a 26 year old man went into a classroom and killed ten people, and seven were wounded. The killer died when he was fighting with the police. They shot him and he went back to the classroom and killed himself. Ten people died because of this man and it was all because he carried three guns with him. They searched his apartment and found more guns there. They were all purchased legally. Ever…show more content…
Some people argue that it 's wrong either ways, and that no matter what the circumstance is you shouldn 't be carrying a gun. But according to our constitution, we have the right to carry a gun. A lot of people are trying to protest against Dwidari 2 that law because they think it 's wrong and that there are other ways to defend yourself. They say the police is a better option. Leave it to the police. Both sides have points to this topic. At some points guns are useful, for example when my mom was younger she used to live in sierra leone, a small country in west africa. There are a lot of rebels there. My grandpa used to sell jewelry and a bunch of rebels came to his house to rob him and my grandpa ran inside and pulled out a gun and started shooting because they had guns and were shooting too. So my grandpa shot them while protecting my family, but did not kill any of them.They all got arrested. So my point is sometimes carrying a gun can be helpful but don 't abuse its power. People who say calling the police isn 't enough, and that guns are the answer, they have a point. If a man breaks in your house and has a gun, the police will not show up to your house right away.…show more content…
He said that all guns should have background checks. Which is smart because you 'll know if the person is a criminal and what the criminal is most likely going to do with it. He also wants to ban the sale of military weapons, They shouldn 't be selling weapons like that because those are high grade and people can do serious damage with

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