Persuasive Essay: Is Education A Right?

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Though many believe that education is a privilege, education should be a right because all humans deserve to have an opportunity to better themselves in life. It should also be accessible to everyone in various forms such as regular public schooling, online schooling, or homeschooling so that the people can have easier access to education in order to learn and to develop themselves and their abilities. It is a right that everyone regardless of race, gender, and religion should have because everyone deserves to be treated equally. In allowing everyone access to free education, society can allow for better-educated people who are able to use their reasoning and ideas to create a better world in which to dwell. Therefore, education is a basic human right that should be available and accessible to everyone because education is a pathway to a better future and a sense of hope for a secure life.…show more content…
For example, public schools are the most common example of access to education. Public schools provide a basic education for developing children. Public schools also help children to improve because the schools encourage and push children in a direction that they see fit that can help the children. Another form of access to education is education through technological means. The use of the computers to access information from the internet is a concept that is rapidly becoming more popular. Online courses provide almost as much education as colleges do and provide the education at a more affordable price. A third option for a means of education is homeschooling. Unlike traditional schooling, children will be under direct supervision of parents. In addition to this, parents are not only there to teach their children the basics of education but also help to guide and instill their principles in their children. These ways provide a better, easier access to education because they are
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