Persuasive Essay: How To Make Friendship, And Good Friends

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Many people struggle with feelings of loneliness or depression. Surprisingly, this can be due to a lack of social support, or in more real terms, a lack of real friends. Many people, who have hundreds of followers on their social sites, think that they have friends, but the truth is, people need to have personal, in person, relationships. People who have personal relationships have more enriched lives and lean on the fact that someone is there for them. People without friends are known to die earlier, and suffer deep emotional pain from many mental conditions such as depression and chronic loneliness. This essay shows a step-by-step outline of how to make friends, not just friends, but good friends. Before beginning to pursue relationships, one must first find a friend who is compatible, and has similar interests. A similar interests will keep a relationship from being awkward by providing things to do…show more content…
People who talk about more than the weather, and do more than play video games together, enjoy a richer relationship. This new friend should be the one to introduce the reader to new things and encourage them to talk about the important things in life. Often times the reader may have to do these things first to show this new friend that they are important and that the reader would like to spend more meaningful time with them. If this is done the friendship will begin to have a positive impact on the reader 's life. Finally the reader will begin to feel fulfilled and important. People who poor into others often receive twice what they gave in return. Friendship can make a person 's day go from depressing to exciting. Adventures and deep conversation will add to the reader 's confidence and self esteem. Slowly but surely, the reader will feel a change in how they normally feel; now they just have to keep it that

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