Persuasive Essay: How Technology Helps Creativity

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How Technology Helps Creativity. For years people have wondered if our generation is getting less creative due to how much technology is advancing. People seem to never get off of their cell phones, tablets, and computers. Technology has always been advancing since the ancient Egyptians ("How Technology Has Redefined Creativity."). Time has shown people are still creative even if they have more technology. Art is another great example the creation of art didn 't stop for technology people just adapt new ways to go about it. If people stopped being creative because of computers, that does not explain the idea behind the quantum processor. Nearly everyone has cell phones. “According to the Pew Research center ninety percent of adults in the…show more content…
Smartphone Use in 2015” ). If these devices hinder creativity in any way with that many people how as a nation would we be functioning as a world power. The world 's technology is greatly affected by our own creativity. If people are not creative then new ideas would not be happening every single day. Nearly every country with advancing technology has the creativity and imagination to continue to advance it. We use cell phones in everyday life and do not think twice about it. However if we did not have the creativity to create smart phones after we had flip phones we would only use flip phones. Without smart phones we also lose social media which has completely reshaped how we see the world as a society. Social media can only be so popular if it is only on computers this is the reason myspace failed. No one even talks about it nowadays it is mainly Twitter,…show more content…
It has provided us with new ways to go about everyday life. As well as it has given us inspiration to continue our technology as well as to try and make our lives better. If technology had stopped creativity we would have left thousands of ideas in the past and just stayed with what technology we absolutely needed. Art wouldn’t exist if technology stopped creativity. Everyday We have more and more ideas and ways to create more art or upgrade our means to create art. We have lost no creativity from technology only gained more of a push in creative thoughts, and perspectives. Nothing would be the way it is today without the creative ideas to make it this
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