Persuasive Essay: How Facebook Makes Us Lonely?

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In the past twenty-five year’s internet has become part of our daily routine. Waking up in the morning and the very first thing people do is check their Facebook. Facebook is a social media website where people can interact with others online. In fact, Facebook has more than 1.19 billion account of people. Some people say that Facebook is taking over people’s lives. Today more than ever people are findings ways to connect with family and friends. “According to the Facebook website, more than half of the active user’s log on to their accounts daily”. However, although Facebook could be great way to use to connect with friends and maintain good relationships with people it can cause more harm than benefits. I do believe that Facebook became part of who we are. Facebook has a major effect on me. Having Facebook gave me the opportunity to connect with my friends and family before I had a phone. It gave me the chance to connect with others and share pictures, thoughts, and ideas. With majority of my family living thousands of miles away Facebook has made it beyond easy to stay in touch. With just a few clicks I was able to communicate and know what is going on there even though I was so far away. Facebook has also advised…show more content…
A question were I came across; I do believe that it does make us lonely, due to the fact that people are very intrusive and want to know what everyone is up too. “We want to learn about other people and have others learn about us.” Studies have shown when you don’t have your phone on you tend to feel lost and disconnected. College students without their phone for seconds become “crazy”. According to the Article “How Facebook makes people unhappy,” Kross found that the more people used Facebook in the between the second text they have received, they felt a sense of discomfort and unhappiness. Teenagers were more exposed to the new technology which means that they are more exposed to being lonely or even worse
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