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Students should not be homeschooled because it affects the child’s socials skills, having lower social skills, and parents as teachers. Over 2 million children are homeschooled today. Homeschooling is when parents teach their children curriculum at home instead of sending them out to a public or private school. Most parents today homeschool because of they are concerned for the environment of schools, but some parents don’t realizes that keeping your child at home could hinder them even more than putting the child in a private or public school.
Children who are being homeschooled usually have less social skills then children who are in public school. Brain D. Ray who has a PhD in education explains “Critics of home education say that homeschooled
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This is not at all true, just because you went to the doctor does not mean you know how to preform brain surgery. Many parents that are teaching their children today only have a high school diploma if that. According to the Texas homeschool coalition association, the state of Texas does not require a high school diploma to homeschool your child (THCA). Homeschooling your child can be stressful you have to be able to know enough about the subject you are teaching to answer questions that your student/child might ask you. Another thing that might happen while the parent is homeschooling they might be working as well. This can cause the feeling of being overwhelmed and also exhausted. For example, the parent/teacher might have a at home daycare where the young adult/student might be helping and not focusing on their studies, as well as the parent/teacher might not be focusing on their child/student curriculum. Rebecca Hubbard states that “Many parents get burnt out at some point because they do not have time for themselves” (Hubbard).This is very true you have to be with your children non-stop 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You have to make sacrifices to homeschool your child. Another thing you are going to have to sacrifice is your money. Steven W. Lee which has a degree in child psychology states that if a Two-parent families rely on a two-person income; however, because one parent must be at least part of a day to educate your child the family might suffer a loss of income. (Lee). Another thing a person must consider is that children usually follow in their parents footsteps, if the parent or parents does not finish high school or doesn’t go to college the child will believe that is okay and they do not need to finish high school or go to college because their parents didn’t do it so why should they. Homeschooling your child comes with many sacrifices
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