Persuasive Essay: Give To Save

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Give to Save
The need for organs is increasing in our society every day. However, the number of organs donated is remaining the same (Berman). This brings up the continuing debate of whether or not to legalize the sale of human organs. Currently, it is prohibited to sell organs or tissues under the United States federal and state laws. According to Mark J. Cherry, at least 7,000 people die every year while waiting for an organ transplant in the United States. The list of people in need of an organ continues to grow. Over the past ten years that amount has jumped from 35,000 to 87,000 (Berman). Although the option to become a donor is available, there are still not enough donors to meet the needs of those with both acute and chronic diseases
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Walter Williams says, "There are other benefits from allowing people to sell their organs. For example, I smoke cigarettes and cigars. If I knew that my heart and lungs could be part of my estate, I would take better care of them" (Sandefur). On the other side, the receiver of the organ will feel the need to take better care of him/her self. Edward Reilly, receiver of a donated kidney, states that after his transplant, he stopped eating fast food. Receiving a new kidney gave him a second chance, and he now believes life is to precious too live it in an unhealthy way (Carr). This encourages the push to legalize the sale of organs. A large amount of our middle aged society is motivated in being healthy. This is a large population that in the future, may need the services of organ donation for lifesaving…show more content…
By making the sale of organs legal, in addition to saving the lives of thousands of people, it would also decrease the enterprise on the black market. Although there are several solutions to end the controversy with this topic, there are still cons that prevent the sale of organs from happening. This includes poverty, health risks, and moral disagreement. Every solution has its risks, but the problem has to be looked from all perspectives. Every year the government keeps the sale of organs illegal, 7,000 will die (Cherry). Society in general needs to understand the extreme lengths that it 's going to take to save the lives of those on the waiting list. Those people waiting for an organ transplant want to spend their time knowing they will get a second chance instead of wondering if they are going to die. The long term effect of legalizing the sale of organs, whether it is from the living or deceased, sold to the government or individual, will have a final outcome that will save
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