Persuasive Essay For Legalizing Marijuana

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Many have also justified that legalizing marijuana would only increase the usage of the drug, amongst the youth but this claim has also been seen to not be true. Reports have showed that “in the majority of medical marijuana states, youth used decreased after the medical marijuana law was passed” (Waugh). Once the ban on marijuana is lifted, it would not be as appealing towards younger individuals. Many younger people use marijuana because they believe it is “cool” to break the law. Once it is made legal, the appeal marijuana has on many people will disappear and will make younger people less inclined to use marijuana due to them not breaking any more laws. The United States should also move towards legalization because a majority of Americans now support marijuana being legal. The United States is based on democracy in which the majority of the population decides the laws. In the most recent poll conducted by CNN/ORC shows that Americans in favor of marijuana has increased from sixteen percent in the 1990 to today of about fifty five percent. Fifty five percent is clearly more than the majority and because the United States is democratic, it…show more content…
Although it will not happen instantly and will more likely occur over time, legalization will be a reality. States like Colorado and Washington have already legalized marijuana and this will only promote other states to join them. The benefits of legalizing marijuana are huge and states will begin to see how marijuana is positively benefiting states like Colorado and will soon want to join in. Even popular political figures and celebrities like Bernie Sanders has come out in support in federally removing the ban of marijuana. This will only accelerate the process of legalization and will convince others to also support marijuana. Marijuana should be legal in all fifty states because the benefits are undeniable and have been seen in

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