Persuasive Essay For Animal Testing

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1202 words

“Over 100 million animals are burned, crippled, poisoned, and abused in US labs every year,” (“11 Facts”). These animals do not have the ability to run away or fight back against scientists, who only care about getting the results of the tests and not the actual well being of the animals. The use of animals for medical testing is a process that “... has been used as early as the 300s B.C., when Aristotle would perform experiments on live animals,” (Hajar). During testing, animals are put in small, compact cages and go through experiments that leave them with not just bumps and bruises, but also deep, bloody cuts, large rashes, infections, and sometimes death. Animals should not be used for medical experimentation because it is morally wrong, …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that animals should not be used for medical testing because it is morally wrong and not helpful to scientific innovation.
  • Argues that most medical advances were made because of animal-based research, and that many experiments do not hurt animals and are okay. stressed or crowded animals produce unreliable research results.
  • Argues that the two points are insignificant because there is more evidence to refute them than to agree with them.
  • Argues that animals should not be used for medical experimentation because it is morally wrong. animals experience the same emotions as humans.
  • Argues that animal testing is not a reliable way to test, because some things may benefit animals may not have the same effect on humans.
  • Opines that animals should not be used for medical experimentation because of other scientific breakthroughs.
  • Concludes that animals should not be subjected to scientific testing because it is unjust, non-significant to medical modernization, and other medical discoveries can be used.

For example, “Even though we now know that animals...experience not just pain but also fear, distress, loneliness, love and joy…, many animals continue to be locked alone inside barren laboratory cages, burned in painful tests, force-fed toxic chemicals, subjected to crippling surgeries, infected with viruses, traumatized in psychological experiments...,” (Goodman). Animals experience the same emotions as humans do. Imagine if someone you knew or you yourself had to go through the same things, would society accept human testing? Another piece of evidence for this is how “...the National Institutes of Health continues to breed baby monkeys that suffer from mental illness, tear them away from their distraught mothers at birth, lock them inside tiny cages all alone and subject them to cruel experiments in which they’re tormented with fake snakes, blasted with loud noises...,” (Goodman). According to this, it is clear that animals are going through torturous experiments for the benefit of humans. Also, not only are grown up animals abused during testing, but so are babies. This is just one of the many reasons why animal testing is should not be

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