Persuasive Essay: Fast Food Ignorance Isn T Bliss

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Fast Food Ignorance Isn’t Bliss
Every Friday night, my mom would pick me up from dance class and I would get in the car feeling starving and tired. Most weeks I would immediately beg for a delicious “McChicken” sandwich and French fries from McDonalds. At the end of a long workweek, the last thing my mom wanted to do was cook me dinner, so she usually hesitantly agreed. McDonalds was always the go-to, quick and easy meal option. I could spot the golden arches from a mile away and the smell of the frying potatoes made my mouth water. My mom and I did not know the reality about fast food ingredients or the preparation process; therefore we simply purchased the food because of convenience and good taste.
Many people and families experience similar dilemmas around meal times. When one is driving around hungry, the familiar and always available fast food drive-thrus are tempting. However, if more people knew about the ingredients and preparation of the food that they are eating, many would turn away. Due to misleading advertisements, fast food lures people in to make purchases, but it can be a serious detriment to their heath while leading to diseases such as cancer and obesity. In order to save many from falling victim to the fast food market, increased education should be put into place, targeted at improving youth’s knowledge about advertisements and ingredients used. There should also be healthier options to rival the fast food industry in restaurants and schools.
Children are known for their naivety and easily persuaded personas. Fast food markets prey on this fact while marketing their products to this malleable audience. According to Eric Schlosser, an acclaimed investigative journalist, children are the target for many fast...

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...less frequently, their desire and addiction to these unhealthy foods will be reduced. Advertising and media should instead be used to promote healthy eating and lifestyle habits such as Michelle Obama’s Lets move! campaign. This initiative works at taking steps to encourage children to form healthy habits. Michelle Obama created the “MyPlate” icon to educate and help parents make better lifestyle decisions for their kids. Since the launching, ( Another one of her programs is called Society would be much healthier if advertisements now used to endorse the fast or processed food industry were instead used to promote improved health choices for audiences. The ultimate goal of society should be to develop and encourage healthy eating habits from a young age by being mindful of what one buys and eats, thus building a healthy and stable relationship with food