Persuasive Essay: Climate Change

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It was lucky that my house that I lived in for my whole life was built upon a hill. What more, the tallest tree that I climb in our backyard faces west, so I have the opportunity to see the sunset almost every beautiful day. But today is different, because this is the last sunset I might be able to see in a very long time.

Climate change had always been a global issue. It was not until the scientists at the United Nations developed a universally offered bug spray that would not only act as a pesticide, but also rectify the damage natural gasses had done in the past decade. The effect was opposite. The spray only did further damage to the earths atmosphere, polluting it double the speed and deteriorating the natural human life. People got ill easily and the death toll increased by 14% in a month. Long story short, humans could no longer live on planet earth.

So here I sit, on the last night before our departure from my home planet,
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Beginning with the colour yellow emitted from the sun, there is a meagre of green before it blends with the light blue. It seems as if Earth is compensating for all the rainbows us humans have not seen for the past few years. Unfortunately, there has not been much rain due to global warning. That meant no water for most of the international population, but also no rainbows. The large rainbow stays in the sky for while, gradually disappearing hue by hue. Scientists in the past claim that as the sunsets, sunlight passes through the atmosphere by scattering. Therefore, it reaches our eyes as a vibrant colour.

After that, the first inkling of the night sky appears. These colours are not bold or bursting with their respective hues, rather they are merely glowing, blissfully blending with one another as if two humans are embracing. The lack of sun results in a cold atmosphere, signalling the start of another, but last, night on
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