Persuasive Essay Against Gun Control

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One of the most controversial issues in the world today, especially the United States is gun control. Civilians feel that crime will cease if there are laws prohibiting guns anywhere. Others say that guns are our only weapon used for self-defense. Many people stand for and against this issue and there are plenty of reasons why we should stick to one side. Gun control should not be allowed because not only are guns needed for self-deference, many people rely on guns for survival. Many civilians refuse to stand for gun control because taking away our guns is taking away our freedom. This is also going against one of the most important amendments in the United States Constitution. The second amendment, which states, “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” If gun control is passed, civilians would not be able to defend themselves, and nothing is going to stop a shooter breaking into a public or private place. A plastic sign that states, “No guns beyond this point” is not only failing in stopping a shooter, but tells that person that the people inside are defenseless. If everyone walked around with a concealed carried pistol,…show more content…
Averages of 300,000 crimes are committed each year in the United States, and the numbers will keep growing because of how many people are defenseless. Guns were not intended to straight up kill people on a regular basis, they were made for the purpose of protection and self-defense, and people that support gun rights are trying to take away this from others. If a mother or father are with their kids and someone is aiming a gun at them, the parents need a way to defend not only themselves, but their children. Between 800,000 and 2,5000,000 crimes are prevented each year because civilians were armed with protection against