Persuasive Essay Against Gun Control

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Montrez Culbreath 11/30/15 Against gun control Over the past few years, the debate over guns has been an issue of major importance. Should there even be gun control laws, is the question. Guns are dangerous, and they can kill but are the only weapons that can cause death. The reason why many people today are for gun control is due to the recent mass shootings taking place in the country, such as Sandy Hook school shooting in NewtonConnecticut. Also the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado in 2012; the shooting at the Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon that happened this year. Politicians have made many efforts to try to counteract the recent waves of gun violence, by creating gun control laws. One such politician is former Massachusetts…show more content…
No matter if the government enacts more gun control laws or not, guns will always find their way in to the wrong hands. If the government takes away all guns then who 's not to say it won 't lead to a tyrannical government that turns on the masses. You also have a right to protect yourself and property with any weapon you chose especially if own your guns legally. Gun control will decide on what type of firearms a person can have. If a person obtains their firearms legally then why should they have to suffer because of a couple bad people 's actions? With gun control, how will people then be able to form a militia and stop foreign troops from invading and taking over the country God forbid the day ever comes. We 'll need heavy weaponry to fight back. In conclusion, gun control won 't work and the only solution there is that will cause chaos is take away guns completely. Law won 't work either because we will have to keep coming up with more solutions that won 't solve the problem the world has with guns.One reason, gun control will not work because it will not stop people mainly criminals from obtaining guns. Guns are not the leading cause of death and it not the only thing that kills. Under the constitution, a citizen has the "Right to bear arms", which was set forth as means for one to protect themselves and their
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