Persuasive Essay Against Euthanasia

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Euthanasia has been a major controversy throughout the years. Euthanasia is basically a painless way for a person to terminates his or her life while going through incurable and painful disease or in comas. Through years, states have been going back and forth to decide whether the patients going through these painful disease, should have the right to decide to end their life or shouldn’t be able to decide at all. During these debates about the topic only three states out of the whole country have made it possible to legalized euthanasia such as: Oregon, Washington, and Montana. In my opinion, I am against this process of people having the chance to end their life and having others the permission to do so such as, doctors or family.…show more content…
Many families have been put in a though situation where, they have to see their loved ones in pain due to their illness and they have to provide care for them. Some families would never choose to end a family member life and would rather have them live, but in some cases people go over board and chose euthanasia for their loved ones. Families may choose euthanasia for their loved ones because either they are tired of seen them in a situation that is unbearable to watch and they no longer want to care for them or due to malafide. According to NCBI, “Malafide” is an intention in the era of declining morality and justice, where euthanasia misused by family members or relatives for inheriting the property of the patient” (“Euthanasia: Right to life vs right to die”). Other may also choose to end a loved one’s life because they can’t provide for their medical expenses. As stated before, 66% of people in Oregon choose euthanasia because they don’t want to be a burden to their families or anyone. So for what reason it may be we shouldn’t decide to terminate other peoples lives for our sake. The victims in the situation should be taken care of and provide hope for them because their mind is in a place of hate or depression. NCBI also stated that, The Supreme Court has also raised this issue in the recent judgement. ‘Mercy killing’ should not lead to ‘killing mercy’ in the hands of the noble medical professionals. Hence, to keep…show more content…
In the recent website NCBI it was found that people who are diagnosed with a terminal disease do not have sufficient mental capacity to decide whether they should end their life. It is also stated by NCBI that; the mental status of the individual is always seeking for euthanasia. That’s why they have made this act called the “Mental Capacity Act of 2005”. According to NHS Choice, “under the Mental Capacity Act (2005), all adults are presumed to have sufficient capacity to decide on their own medical treatment, unless there is significant evidence to suggest otherwise” (“Euthanasia and assisted suicide - End of life
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