Persuasive Essay: Adoption Is Not An Alternative To Abortion

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Abortion for most religions is seen as a sin or something to be damned for all eternity but people who are realistic would say statistically it is the right thing to do. Abortion what is it really? Abortion is a way to terminate a pregnancy, there are many laws and regulations to an abortion also ways a woman can terminate depending on how far the pregnancy is. If a woman carrying the child does not want to care for it or would not potentially give the child the proper nurturing they would deserve they should have the right to abort. “The author believes that forcing women to carry unwanted pregnancies enslaves women because such women are no longer free to make decisions about their own bodies without interference from the government” (Beenfeldt,…show more content…
The children in foster homes are mentally, emotionally and in most cases physically abused from the people who take them in. There are tons of articles about children being murdered by their foster parents because they were just too much to handle, in some cases they were killed by their own parents from being unwanted. Not every baby or every child is adopted. Statistics show that children who do not grow up in a nurturing, caring homes are the ones who are society 's problems and grow to be criminals. Pregnancy and childbirth is physically, emotionally, and socially stressful and scary, it is not selfish to say no to the parents wanting to…show more content…
Countless thousands of children still languish today in orphanages, in squalid conditions, and another 10,000 wander the streets of Romanian cities, homeless.” Children are without parental or guardian supervision, they do not have houses to go home to because their parents did not want them, which would not be a problem if the women in Romania were given the option to have an abortion “About 2,500 Romanian kids are HIV positive, more than the combined total of all Western Europe. And dozens of pedophiles from Western Europe travel regularly to Romania because of its reputation as a country where children are desperate and vulnerable.”

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