Persuasive Essay Addiction

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Would you chose to have a disease like cancer, HIV or even the flu? Your answer, probably no. Then why would we consider addiction a disease? As humans, we do not get to choose what we are infected with, and in this case, an addicted person knew the consequences and still chose to take what they’re addicted to. Some argue it is the brain which makes addiction like a disease, but they are wrong. Our body is constantly changing and an addiction will affect us way differently than a disease will. Also, the U.S provides rehabs and clinics for drug abusers and basically hand out illegal drugs which leads to more addicts thinking they have a disease. You shouldn’t have to convince yourself you have a disease (Sullum). Although some say addiction…show more content…
Nobody forced you to take the drug and keep taking it. When you have a disease, you don’t get to choose. It’s not fair to people with real diseases to compare the two. Growing up, we all took D.A.R.E or had some experience that showed us the danger and impact drugs could have on our lives. Addiction isn’t a medical problem because it affects family and community life rather than just your body. Similarly, addicts need to take responsibility for their actions. By all means, addiction is very serious, as it affects the brain and the body, just not how a disease affects…show more content…
Rehabs and clinics will hand out free illegal drugs to help “wean” addicts off the drug they’re on. This is not helping; this is giving them drugs and fueling their addiction. Doctors are trying to say addiction is a disease, but they have caused most addictions. They give out prescription pills for just about anything which will lead to more people getting addicted. Prescription pills are the most abused drug in the United States (Bell). With all these drugs being passed out, it makes it easier for addicts to stay addicted. This also helps new addictions to be formed, therefore not solving anything. So, medication for a “disease” like addiction isn’t helping much. We need to find a different approach to help addicts get through their problem, not lie to them and give them a reason to cry
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