Persuasive Essay About Travelling In The World

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As the years go on, statistics show that people are traveling less and less throughout their lives. Some say because Americans view a trip to their grandparents as a vacation; or they would rather spend a few days at a theme park than to take a plane trip to a new distant land. Many people make excuses and would rather spend extra money on clothes or food; but why do so many people not want to travel? Is it because they can experience it on their television screens or wish to stay in the comfort of their own home? Many people do not understand the basis to leave home, people should travel more to experience the places, the new foods and even the new cultures. Traveling the world creates many opportunities to experience new life and memories, especially to visit new places that most have never been to before. New locations create a new vindication of yourself, understanding the history behind a historical site or the chance to see mountains so tall that the top disappears into the clouds. Imagine walking into a church in Paris,…show more content…
There are so many different cultures within the world and yet many of us have only experienced one culture in our lives. Experiencing other societies creates a cultured lifestyle, through choices in clothing, to understanding different societies, religions, language and even understanding different foods. As well as how many places in the world have different morals, morals are a type of belief system that a person or a group of people believe to be right. What we deem right, could be wrong in another country. That is why traveling is so important, because we can learn what is right and wrong to other cultures. Not so we can force our mindset into other societies and tell them they are wrong, but so that we could retain the information and learn from that experience. There are two sides to every story and argument, so why not explore our options, and see what other cultures are all
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