Persuasive Essay About The Fire

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Without a doubt, Veronica (Ronnie) does not want to spend the “entire summer” enduring “banishment”, and “[feeling] like a prisoner being transferred to a rural penitentiary” (Sparks, 1). However this is inevitable since Ronnie’s mom, Kim, wants Ronnie and her little brother Jonah to spend the entire summer with their dad, Steve, whom they haven’t seen in 3 years. This is not Ronnie’s ideal perception of the summer of her 18th birthday; she would rather spend it at home, in Manhattan, with Kayla and her other friends. Although Ronnie does not hate her mom, she still lets her grades slip, socializes with friends who do drugs and consume alcohol, and disregards her curfew; she believes her mother is “stuck in some weird time warp in which kids…show more content…
She was also hesitant to grant forgiveness especially since her father had thought that he was the one who ignited the fire, and held that guilt that it was his fault while also having a ruined reputation in town. According to Nicholas Sparks, “Then she does begin to [forgive], and I think everyone benefits from that.” (The Spark Behind, 4) She does, eventually, forgive Will for his lie, and she takes her father’s advice and forgives herself too. It is better for Ronnie to forgive Will because she loves him then it is for her to hold this incident with her which can create a wedge in their relationship. Furthermore, Ronnie is finally able to overlook the fact that she shunned her father completely from her life for 3 years and missed the opportunity to strengthen her relationship with him during that time. She takes on the responsibility to plan and organize her father’s funeral, although the situation is extremely difficult for her to coupe with. When then service ends, her and Jonah continue to sit in the pews, and she glances at the stained-glass window that Jonah and her father had created to notice the light streaming through, and “Ronnie pictured her father sitting at the keys, his face upturned to the light.” (Sparks, 379) At the end of the novel, Ronnie auditions for Julliard, playing the song she had composed with her father. In turn, she is accepted into the school and practices compositions ranging from 3-4 times a day, while appreciating the fact that her father used to sit, teach, and play music in that same room. All in all, The Last Song is a novel in which a teenager reaches maturity; Ronnie’s coming of age moment can be identified in this definition: a rising

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