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The cold autumn winds whistle through the chimneys and nature loses its color to the pale leaves and flutter joins the heap on the floor. Wool garments begin to go out and everyone is wrapped in many layers. But the cold should not stop you looking fashionable: you do not have to go around like a stuffed toy for warm clothes you wear! You can look hot with use of a simple majority of the accessories in your wardrobe-scarf. Wearing a scarf over your head gives a nice touch. While many people wait for the cooler to start wearing scarves, weather you do not need a season or a reason to use one, you can use throughout the year. To change your look, you must use these different ways to wear a scarf. Do not be afraid to sport the same thing more than once a week. You can reuse your favorite scarf and again without feeling like you're wearing the same thing. This winter, try all these different ways to wear a scarf.…show more content…
Of course, there is the standard method to bring a scarf draped over the shoulders of the back to the front, with the two ends of the scarf run by the lapels of his coat, or you could try to throw the handkerchief on a shoulder. Here are some different ways of looking smart in a scarf this fall are presented. While most people will use their scarves flung across both shoulders or hanging from her breasts, you can highlight and customize differently. How to tie a half-bow scarf To tie the scarf average reverence, first loop scarf around your neck and tie time- as the first step to tie his shoelaces. Then take one side of the scarf and make a loop one, as if only one side of the bow tying their shoes. Take the longest section of the scarf and wrapped in the front and then behind the entire scarf off your neck. Fluff loop after taste. How to tie a scarf bow Wrap the scarf around your neck and make sure that both ends are equal. Then, tie the scarf just like any bow tie. Need longer for this

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