Persuasive Essay About Pain

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Pay attention to me. I am not some voice in your head. I have a purpose. You must pay attention to what I am trying to tell you. You must feel what I am feeling. Pay attention to me. Don’t fake your hearing as if you were back in middle school math class. You need to pay attention. You will pay attention. Put yourself in the shoes of a seventeen year-old boy with the world in front of him but the feeling of despair and injury is nagging at his back pushing to disrupt his course. Pain is death. They told me he would not survive the night. I watched with pain as he stared blankly through the night, desperately trying to communicate. Pain is the smell of ashes the next morning. The ashes of a man you once called your family. Gone. Pain sneaks into your body with the mindset of…show more content…
Everyone sees it. Everyone can see your pain but do they help? Everyone has their own problems to worry about, so why should they worry about yours? The cross country team is not going to worry about your football struggles. The volleyball has their team to worry about. What makes you so special they might ask themselves? What is so special about you? Others have lost a family member. Others have been in pain. Did I help them? Pain is not helping. No one wants to get hit hard in a football game. No one wants to lose a family member. No one wants to be a part of those struggling situations, so why should they help someone and be brought into more pain? Pain is not catching the game winning touchdown. How could I? My quarter back was the one person who trusted me enough to throw me that pass. Without him, can anyone else trust me enough? Without him, I don’t have the confidence to finish the report to save my company. Without him, I will not save anything. My family may have some trust, but he believed in me no matter what. I do not think there is anyone else in my life that has that. Pain is not believing. Does anyone believe in you? Without it, can you have

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