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There are times in life where it feels as if life just keeps throwing obstacles left and right. It may seem like nothing is going right, but there is a solution to this epidemic. Ultimately, the way people handle these troubles will determine how impactful they are. In order to best handle a situation, being optimistic is always the best solution. While there is always the sad and gloomy option, keeping your spirits up will help you in many ways. Not only will it relieve some stress you would get from worrying about the problem, it will also keep you calm so that you can make the correct decisions you would not normally make if your brain was in a state of panic. But what is being optimistic? Optimism can be defined as being positive, flexible,…show more content…
A famous example of this would be a glass of water. If a glass was filled half way with water, is it half empty or half full? Most people interpret this as pessimist would respond “half empty” while optimist would respond “half full”. My favorite interpretation of this subject would be from life coach, Mark Desvaux. He stated “Some people see the glass full. Others see the glass half empty. The enlightened are simply grateful to have a glass.” Examining this quote, it is clear that while a glass filled halfway, is still missing a piece, there are still other pieces that people can appreciate. This example can apply directly to life. Even though there might be something missing or lost in your life, there are other aspects in it to appreciate. While having a great attitude is big part of being optimistic, it also helps to be able to adapt to change when…show more content…
Without this key trait, none of the other parts of optimism would be possible. If one allows for the smallest inconvenience to mess up their daily life, it will become extremely hard to maintain a positive and flexible attitude. If a person perseveres through the trials and tribulations that come at them, than they will be able to achieve anything they could imagine. A very common instance of determination in society would be people going through college. Obtaining a higher education can be potentially the most difficult time period in many people's’ lives. The combination of fees and classwork will discourage most from even attempting to obtain a degree. Fortunately, those that make it through the obstacles that come at them are extremely reward. Because of their determination, people with college degrees are opened to many opportunities that would not have been available to them if they gave up and returned to their normal life. As you can see, determination leads to great rewards. If a person combines all the components of optimism, than life will become significantly easier to deal

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