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Love – a strong feeling of affection. This is the official definition of the word ‘love’ in the Oxford dictionary. However love is not something that can be defined by five simple words. It is an unexplainable feeling that differs from person to person. Therefore what I may describe as love will be completely different to what your idea of love is. Although they may be similar they will not be the same.

So can ‘love’ really drive us to do crazy things? I’ll be looking at a fictional example and real life examples to see what extent people are willing to go for love.

In the play ‘The Crucible’ the character of Abigail Williams does horrible things so that she can be with the person she claims to be in love with, John Proctor.
Although he may have loved her once, Abigail’s love is unrequited, as John does not see her that way anymore. However Abigail goes to extreme measures to see that John will be hers again. Her love for John is what drives her to cause mass hysteria and panic among the girls in Salem. This leads to innocent people being accused of a crime they did not commit, which leads them to possibly facing a death sentence all because of Abigail. She puts harmless people in danger all for her selfish reasons.
She even accuses John’s wife, Elizabeth of witchcraft hence putting her in danger of getting hanged, which will leave her three young sons without a mother.
She would go as far as killing people for love. Even though she did not hang the accused herself, she is still responsible for their deaths and their blood is on her hands. Abigail’s love makes her into a selfish, impulsive, manipulative liar that does not think twice before doing anything. Abigail’s love not being returned by John causes her to act out with...

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...less need for food or sleep which coincidentally are the same symptoms of a person talking cocaine.
The third and final chemical is serotonin. This maybe the reasons as to why people go to such extreme lengths for love. Dr. Donatella Marazzit is a psychiatrist who conducted an experiment to see if the brain mechanisms of lovers were similar to those with obsessive-compulsive disorder patients. By comparing and analyzing blood samples of both groups, she declared that low levels of serotonin were found between both groups. Therefore being love causes a person to always think about their significant other and the idea of not being with them and the fear is what causes lovers to go to such extents for love.
However we cannot know for sure what the reason might be for lovers to go for such extreme lengths for love, as what happens in our brain will remain a mystery.
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