Persuasive Essay About Immigration Reform

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A Nation of Immigrants No one can disagree with the fact that the United States of America was built by immigrants. We would not be the great nation that we are today without the hardworking immigrants who came here in hopes of a better life, and made one. That is, essentially, why people immigrate to the United States, and it has been happening for years, so why does it seem to such an issue in recent years? The United States Immigration System has been inefficient for quite some time, and the Department of Homeland Security even deems it “broken” (Executive Actions on Immigration). You see, the biggest problem with immigration is the illegal immigration. I believe most can agree on that, in some way or another. Our immigration system makes…show more content…
It is no wonder that people come here illegally, when people who are model citizens like the thousands who apply for naturalization get denied and are sent back every year. Our broken immigration system is what I believe drives people to come here illegally. I think that we need to improve our immigration system to make it more affordable and a less exhausting process. In 2014, President Barrack Obama issued a series of executive actions regarding immigration reform. Unfortunately, they have been suspended by a federal court and will not be implemented. I find this to be very disappointing, because I feel that our immigration system could have greatly benefited from reform, especially in the way Obama was aiming to do. These initiatives included stricter border patrol, making felons a top priority for deportation rather than families, and to make those who are currently living in the United States undocumented to have to pass a criminal background check and pay taxes in order to temporarily stay in the United States without being deported, and making the naturalization application process simpler and more affordable (Executive Actions on Immigration). This kind of reform is exactly what I believe our country needs in order to…show more content…
He says that they are bad for the workers, and that we should get rid of them all together (Donald Trump on Immigration). Republican nomination candidate Ted Cruz has a more extreme view on immigration, saying that we should not grant citizenship to those who came here illegally. Trump disagrees, and says they should all be deported, but that the best can come back, but they most do so through the correct process (Donald Trump on Immigration). He does not extend this privilege to Muslims, however. Trump says that we need to “temporarily” ban Muslims until we “find out what’s going on” with Muslim immigrants. He goes on to imply that Muslims are to blame for terrorism and even “problems all over the world,” and that by halting Muslim immigration we can “get down to creating a country that’s not going to have the kind of problems that we’ve had,” referring to mass shooting and 9/11 (Donald Trump on Immigration). Trump even went as far as to say he wants to build a wall to keep illegals out. Such intolerance regarding immigration will only make it harder for people to come over legally, which will in turn drive more people to come illegally. On the other end of the spectrum is Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, who believes in comprehensive reform with a pathway to citizenship (Hilary
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