Persuasive Essay About Immigration

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I still remember coming to the United States twelve years ago full of excitement because of the diversity and new culture that I would have the chance to experience. I was not necessarily thankful for the endless opportunities that were ahead of me since I was so little, but I knew that my parents’ main motive for bringing me to this country was to broaden my perspective on life. I am unbelievably thankful for my parents’ decision to sacrifice their personal work and everyday lives for me. This is what parenthood is all about. Parents would do anything for their children, including illegally cross the border to ensure better quality of life.
With the upcoming presidential election and Donald Trump running as one of the Republican candidates, deportation has become a popular topic among the public. Trump believes that illegal immigrants should not be able to cross the border at all, and the ones living in the United States illegally have to go back to their home countries. This issue intrigued me because of the ethics and economics behind
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However, the current immigration policy makes it difficult for them to afford it because of lack of financial aids on top of economic instability. Without legal documentation, financial aids are unavailable even for poor families. Most undocumented youths live in communities with “low-performing schools, high rates of crime, and few opportunities for their residents” based on Leisy Abrego’s studies (148). Youths that grow up in these communities receive inferior education, which usually prevents them from escaping poverty. Abrego states that “with the exception of 11 states, most states classify undocumented youth as international students and charge them three to seven times higher tuition than legal residents or U.S. citizens” (149). Even the average middle-class family probably could not afford that much money for education each
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