Persuasive Essay About Going To College

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Going to college hasn’t really been much of a choice for me—same way for walking the stage at graduation in high school. Yeah the “option” to opt out has “always” been there but God forbid I get to make my own choices as an adult by my mother (but that’s something else entirely). My relatives’ continuous badgering, threats, and my patience finally running out after fifteen years of their actions finally “convinced” me to go to college anyways. I mustn’t leave out the fact that I also convinced myself that if I started college early, I would potentially graduate around the same time as one of my favorite cousins and one of my friends. I started taking dual credit courses in high school to shut my mother up about advanced schooling, ended up liking the teachers and how affordable going to a junior college was at the time. With that last line, I’d like to move on to the main factor in my going to college: the cost. My mother and grandmother weren’t the best at taking care of their budgets and how much they’d spend—which often left me skipping out on buying things…show more content…
As stated earlier, people prefer to select others with desired qualities and begin to adjust their appearance, behavior, mannerisms, etc. to match them as they see fit. They will often pester their rolemodels with questions dealing with what they are presently doing, why they are doing it, etc.—the average four year old will ask around four hundred and thirty (430) questions a day—all in the hopes of growing their knowledge in relation to them and furthering their likeness to the other person(s), minus the everlasting search they go on for common logic but I digress. Consequently, by altering themselves to mimic the role-models, they are changing how they will approach future accomplishments, failures, setbacks, as well as other people and what they are going
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