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There are many proud traditions in the United States and to alter or erase them is no simple matter. The process of the Electoral College is one of these traditions whose relevance is often called into question. The Electoral College has some advantages and disadvantages, but the fairness of it stems much controversy as well. Positive and negative effects of the Electoral College are examined to determine if it still proves to be necessary in today’s elections. Alternatives which may replace the Electoral College are even taken into consideration. The Electoral College was meant to be a compromise between the congressional and popular vote (“What is the Electoral College?,” n.d.). A total of 538 electors vote with only 270 of those votes are needed to become president (“What is the Electoral College?,” n.d.). The system of selecting the electors varies as well as the way each elector can vote (“What is the Electoral College?,” n.d.). At this glance, it seems like there is no concrete foundation in the Electoral College. There are, however, benefits in using the Electoral College in an election. One of the benefits of the Electoral College is even distribution of the votes, which will prevent candidate from completely dominating heavy populated regions (Kimberling, n.d.). With the Electoral College, none of the required 270 votes…show more content…
In the 2000 presidential election, Al Gore won the popular vote, but still lost the electoral vote when George W. Bush received the 270 votes needed. Gore received more than 500,000 popular votes, but the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Bush (MacKay, 2004). Each candidate had different personalities as well as political views. The Electoral College essentially may have halted the better candidate from taking the presidential office or it could have made the right choice when it countered the popular vote. Alternatives for the Electoral College have been

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