Persuasive Essay About Eating At Home

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Nowadays, our modern’s lifestyle is extremely busy and dynamic. Therefore, most of us, especially students and workers, do not have time to prepare or enjoy the moment when eating together in family’s meal than in the past. Because of this reason, more and more services such as: food stands, fast-food store, cafeteria, canteen… appeared rapidly to satisfy our demands. Thus, we have more choices and it also creates a tent to eat out. I found that there are some advantages of eating out as it is fast, convenient, delicious, luxury, no need to wash dishes … Yet, everything also has its disadvantages. So I prefer to eat at home because it is cheaper, healthier, even it takes more time to do. Therefore, I am going explain specifically why eating…show more content…
Therefore, eating at home is a way to protect your family and even yourself from this threaten. Also, Ministry of Food Safety is out of control in its management. It is very easy to find there are so many food stores or restaurants in Vietnam. Surprisingly, they even do not have the operating business certificates which were granted by the authority. When they think the authority do not have their information to supervise, they will buy cheap ingredients from many local markets in order to reduce capitals and increase more benefits. So you can see that foods and drinks sector in Vietnam still raise concerns our citizens. To express the warning alarm in this industry, Vn Express – the most reliable online newspaper of Vietnam said: “In recent years, it’s become increasingly common to hear about cases of unscrupulous food sellers in Vietnam using banned chemical in meat or excessive concentrations of pesticide in vegetables to increase or maintain the food’s appeal to consumers.” (VnExpress, August 25). Moreover, if you are not dealing it, you may get many diseases. When the portion you ate was extremely dangerous, it reacts

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