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In society today, the number one issue is drug trafficking. The citizens of the United States have recently been getting involved in drugs. Since they have such easy access to drugs it is heavily hit. In smaller towns, for example, Latrobe Pennsylvania, drugs have destroyed the great little community it used to be. Latrobe used to be a busy town and a safe community. This little town has now turned into a community with serious drug problems. Communities like this, have now become dry places with no activity because nobody wants to put their families in harms way. Parks and playgrounds have turned into the places that children used to have but now it is a drug zone. Due to drug usage in the United States, overdose is becoming more common every day, however, this can be fixed by starting awareness programs in high schools, college campuses and via social media. An overdose is when someone is, “… having too much of a drug (or combination of drugs) for your body to be able to cope…show more content…
The class will feature statistics and there should be many events dealing with drug awareness. The classes also will teach students what do to do if someone overdoses. For example, at one college they host alcohol classes and tell you why to not to drink. They also state that if you are intoxicated to call the campus police and them will not penalize the individuals. In this class, they should also provide the option to get help if you are addicted to drugs to help you because you are showing that you are reaching out for help. They should also show what happens to the people that are addicted to drugs in college. The program should show that users usually do not make it through college and fail to make it in the real world. This would encourage some freshmen that are curious or struggling to either get help or peruse another interest and that drugs are not the

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