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Competition is a way to express yourself like no other. Being able to work together in a group and compromise is a skill you will learn when competing. Consequently, doing this at such a young age increases your understanding of real life situations that may occur in the future. As a student, you will learn valuable lessons while competing within your group, like understanding you can not win at everything in life. Competing does not mean you will be successful. To complete a task as quickly as possible, you have to find out how to cooperate with others in a reasonable manner. Showing leadership within your team and guiding each other toward success is a positive aspect for students. Working as one will build character and give others strong…show more content…
Participating in challenges is not hard, and it teaches you how real life may be. Learning you cannot always win at everything in life and showing respect to those who take the victory are things you will learn throughout your experience in competing. Some things will make you think in a different and interactive way. Improving your knowledge in problems that may occur in the future gets students ready for situations you are not educated it. Finishing your job in the time you are given, doing your part of the team, and being able to compromise with everyone participating are life lessons you will learn while given a specific challenge. In the future, whether it is in your job, home, or in public, there will be competition. Having basic knowledge in this will influence how you complete a task. As a student, a positive competitive spirit will impact the way you solve an issue later in life. Competition is something you will never quit in life and leads you towards…show more content…
Being in a competition involves working as a group, listening to each other, and figuring out a solution. Being ready for any problems to be solved and compromising to one idea is something you will eventually begin to understand. Be prepared for anything that could happen. However, there needs to be leaders to guide you into finishing as quick and orderly as possible. Everyone should be involved in the challenge to compete against the opposing team. Competition should be recommended because it keeps you focused on what needs to be done, involves real-life skills, and boosts confidence to make you work the best you can. Rivalry is a positive aspect that will let you learn from your mistakes and understand what you could have done for it to be a different

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