Persuasive Essay About Bullying

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Adam Mims 5/11/14
Ms. Heller

Have you ever been in school and didn't want to go to class because of someone who calls you rude names or hurts you physically? Many students can relate to you so do not think you are the only one. Some people believe bullying continuously will give the victim so much anxiety they will miss everyday of school. Bullying is an epidemic among children that is not dealt with right away could spring into unusual behaviors like suicidal. Ways to prevent bullying would include schools should have anti-bullying awareness meetings for parents and possibly a bully box.
It may be true that in schools where bullying is allowed, it damages the atmosphere and feeling of the school. Bullies who have problems at home or have their own bully elsewhere tend to believe it is alright to continue the cycle. It may be physical strength, trouble dealing with emotions or social status. When you are in a position of power you are always tempted to abuse it. If a bully is getting tossed around by someone they love and treated badly they will always want to inflict the same pain they are going through on someone else. While the average episode lasted 40 seconds, on one notable occasion a group of kids hit and kicked a boy for 35 min...

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... Mims 3 could be in or near bathrooms, hallways, and parking lots where bullying often occurs. Only 32 out of the 50 states have procedures for investigating bullying affairs. Only 17 out of the 50 states have school staff report bullying to a supervisor, as much as they report suspected abuse and neglect. Schools that take the extra safety measures benefit with a safer school environment. Only 9 out of the 50 states require administrators to report bullying to the police. 11 out the 50 states require that schools allow anonymous reporting by students of bullying.
Studies show that schools with a lot of reported bullying are being sewed by outraged parents. The parents are demanding to have the school make the building safer for their child to learn. Children who undergo bullying at a young age are bound to develop unusual behaviors and become anto-social.
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