Persuasive Essay About Breastfeeding In Public

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A woman's baby is crying while she’s eating in a restaurant with her family. Instead of getting up and going to the bathroom, she throws a blanket over her shoulder, lifts up her shirt, and puts the baby on her breast. While she sits and feeds her child, she deals with feeling uncomfortable and pressured for doing her legal right and doing what she feels is right for her and her baby. “Breastfeeding in public is one of the most controversial issues in society today”(Hoelscher 82). Which is completely misunderstood for being a disrespectful act of indecent exposure, when in fact it's one of the most natural point inside the world. When having a child, taking care of them should be the first priority even if that means breastfeeding in public…show more content…
Instead of being criticized they would rather use breast pumps or go sit in the restroom to avoid the hate. Some might say “it’s against the law to be nude in public, so breastfeeding in public should be illegal too” (McKinney). Being nude makes people around very uncomfortable but feeding an infant shouldn’t make anyone uncomfortable. Exposed breasts are everywhere, all over the media: in movies, magazines, and even on television. But putting a nursing baby anywhere near those women's breast and suddenly people are offended. Yes, breast are a woman's private part but women don't flaunt them around while breastfeeding to show off. Some mothers would rather use a blanket to cover themselves up while breastfeeding than to have sexually or disgusted comments directed to her. Others believe “formula was made for these reasons” (Campoamor). People suggest mothers using baby formula and breast pumps, but sometimes a mother would rather have this intimacy with her child. These mothers cannot have this with people staring at her chest with a child feeding with disgust written all over their face. Formula is a good suggestion but bottles and formula can be expensive over years and years of buying. Researchers believe breast milk is better and easier for an infant to digest and helps an infant fight off many diseases. Babies who are on formula actually have more ear infections and diarrhea which can be less doctor appointments in the long run. Rude comments might be said like “go do that in the restroom or at home” (Campoamor). Restrooms can contain up to billions of germs and aren't the most sanitary place to be with an infant. Mothers deal with tons of stress and pressure from people who don’t put themself in their shoes. Others may have different views and opinions which they have the right to but, they should always be curious of others. A good suggestion
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