Persuasive Essay About Bigfoot

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Mary Jean Graves Ethnomusicology 411: Music and World Cultures March 11, 2014 +MUSIC CULTURE ANALYSIS FORM I. Elements of Musical Style (Analyzing the Music/See Elements of Musical Style Supplement) A. Melody and Harmony • Does everyone sing the melody or is harmony used? What percentage of people are not singing? Who are they? Why are they not singing? • What does the melody "look" like? (See Elements of Style Form) • Is the harmony sung as written in the music, or is it improvised? • Who sings the harmony? Men, women, everyone? • What is the tonality, scale, or tuning system? B. Rhythm, Meter & Tempo • Is the music fast or slow? Which music is fast? Which is slow? Why? • Is the beat strong or weak? Is it regular or irregular? • What is the meter? • Is the music in free rhythm? C. Tone Color (Timbre) • How would you describe the vocal timbre (without using ethnocentric terms)? • Are instruments used? Are they used alone or as accompaniment? • Are the instruments used primary to reinforce the melodic and harmonic aspects of the music, or the rhythmic ones? • What seems to be more important -- the instruments or the voices? When? • What dynamic variances are present? D. Texture • Monophonic, heterophonic, polyphonic or homophonic? E. Form • What is the formal structure of the music? How does it support the text? • To what extent does text determine musical form? • Is the text or music more predominant? F. Genres • What categories of vocal music are there? Life cycle events? Religious? • What categories of instrumental music are used? Do the instruments ever play alone? When? Why? G. Textual Analysis • Analyze the texts of the music. What does it tell you about the system of beliefs? • Analyze the use of pronouns. Is the thematic content of the text more centered in the attributes and events of the gods/God head, or the

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