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Animal cruelty is a big problem around the world; in fact, most animals that are abused and neglected come from domestic violence in some cases. What is animal cruelty? Animal cruelty is when people harm and neglect animals. I always say that if anybody plans on buying a dog or cat, for instance, and cannot handle themselves, why bother buying a pet if he or she is not going to have the proper time to take care of the animal. Having pets is similar to having a child; a person has to have money, time, and patience. I own two white German Shepherds and they are like my daughters. I spend a lot of money on both of them because I treat both of them equally. For instance I cannot just buy a bone for one German Shepherd and leave the other one hanging…show more content…
I had to learn how to become more comprehensive with them because it is hard to train a fifty pound dog and, to add on that, I have two of them, which is a lot. However, I learned how to become patient by reading books about German Shepherds, looking up videos, and talking to other people that own German Shepherds. I love my dogs and I have the three main components to take care of them. I get furious when a person buys an animal and does not even have the proper care for it. This also goes to other animals that are being abused around the world. Animals are just like people. They are intelligent creatures even if they are missing the ability to talk for their actions. In this paper, I am going to discuss how different animals around the world are being killed, abused, and even eaten, also, the laws against animal cruelty, and how others can prevent this from…show more content…
Some people came and decided to help the raccoon and rushed the raccoon to the Wild Care Solution a facility where the veterinarians rushed to save the raccoon’s life. The damage was so severe that one of the darts had penetrated through his skull; therefore they had to euthanize the creature. Since there was not much to do. The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) immediately printed out flyers that offered a $5000 reward to anyone who knew anything pertaining to the raccoon incident. Why was the reward so high? Well, according to the Animal’s Advocate (2015) “anyone who maliciously and intentionally maims, mutilates, tortures, or wounds a living animal can face misdemeanor charges…” Interpersonal violence can lead to animal cruelty. Stephen Wells, Executive Director of ALDF, remarks, “People who harm animals often go on and harm humans as well. We call anyone with knowledge of this cruel act to come forward for the safety of others animals and the people of this community.” Also, “The Link” states, “[some] people are at risk when animals are abused and animals are at risk when people are abused.” The FBI takes animal abuse and domestic violence seriously. According to an FBI Special Agent Brantley from the Behavioral Science Unit, “A lot of what we do is threat assessment. Something we believe is prominently displayed in the histories of people who

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