Persuasive Essay About Adoption

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Adoption: The laws that frighten Their hearts sank as they watched the child they had come to know and love as their own, be taken away by strangers that they had never met until today. As the CPS worker spoke with Mary she explained, “If you had just logged in her injuries acquired during the accident and told us what medicines you had used, this would not have happened.” Mary thought to herself “it was just a scrape… just a tiny little cut…” Many parents all over the world have gone through hardships like this one. If they even got to adopt at all. Many of the rules, regulations and prices agencies have come up with have been causing people all over the world to deter from adopting. First and foremost, there are many questions about who can adopt a child. There are also many, very specific answers to this question. The amount of information deficit on this topic can scare people from adopting. For example, there are certain sexuality characteristic…show more content…
However, they soon come to realize that foster care is just as much of a hassle as any normal adoption. As a matter of fact, over half of the children that come out of foster care, are later returned(Davis). There are a few very common reasons for this. For example, many children coming out of the foster care system are managing the effects or instability. Shifting from home ot home every so often can take its toll on a child. In fact, some kids are placed in twenty to thirty different homes(Johnson). Many of these children struggle from undernourishment, developmental delays, and emotional problems(Johnson). The average child in foster care is around eight years of age. Children at this age are very susceptible to behaviors noticed in different homes. Moreover, many parents are missing out on their child’s “baby years” when adopting from foster care. Although there are over forty thousand infants placed in foster care each
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