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High school education is for students’ to learn the basic information that is needed to prepare them for college. It is important for students to feel that it isn’t a waste of time for them to wake up and go to high school everyday. Is it right for students to not come to school because they feel high school is a waste of their time? Majority of students has also felt that the courses they are attending aren’t giving them enough information that will be useful beyond high school. Shouldn’t students be in classes that will benefit them in the future? Should students be able to know what might be their strengths, and weaknesses in the courses that are required to be taken for a certain major? High schools should offer useful courses because it…show more content…
If high schools offered courses that would be similar to a career field, students would be able to have an idea or know what field of work they want to go into. I know if medical classes were offered at my school, I would’ve tried to take as many as I could, so then I could decide where in the medical field I would like to work in. With a career based courses, students would get a generalized idea of what knowledge and skills that are required for that certain job. Knowing what knowledge and skills that are required for certain job would help students stick with one career in mind. Students would also have an easier time when they are trying to pick classes for college because they would already know what career field interests them. According to Shaunessy, students who are going into college don’t know what career they want to go into. “Majority of college students switch their majors at least twice while in their college career,” says Shaunessy. Students that have career like courses offered at their high school, might help them in deciding a career before getting out of high school. Students would also feel more prepared and have more confidence when going into
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