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If a teenager failed their driving exam would they still get a driver’s license? No, because if he did he would be a danger to himself and to others around him. It is the same thing with a child who cannot learn the basic building blocks of English, math, and science. This child will not be able to comprehend the advanced concepts learned in the next grade if he cannot even understand the material from the previous grade. Also he would be a hindrance to the class because he would slow his classmates down with his lack of knowledge causing the teacher to have to explain everything to him. The advancement to the next grade without passing the previous grade will not only hurt the child’s self-esteem and basic education foundation, but also cause him to be a nuisance to his classmates. Elementary school is the place where one learns the basic principle of math, English, and science. If a child can’t master simple concepts such as addition or spelling; then they are not fit to move on to the next grade where they learn even more advanced concepts. Some people say that if a student is hel...

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