Persuasion and Message in the Movie Bravehart

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This movie is about war between the English and the scotch rebellion people. A scotch brave knight (William Wallace) comes to lead his people of Scotland to victory in a few battles with the English, which makes a threat to the king of England. The English king sends his French daughter in law to negotiate peace with the savage warier.The scene begins as the warier approaches the beautiful princess with worn out clothes. The princess, have a look of anxiety in her eyes as she recognizes Wallace as a savage person. The princess invites Wallace to her tent to discuss the king's proposals of peace. In the tent she describes Wallace's actions of killing her husband's cousin of being savage. Consequently he defends his actions by revealing the crimes that the noble man committed to the poor women and innocent children of Scotland. The princess seems surprised, as she knew nothing about it. Wallace adds to her information that the king has done things worst than just hanging women and children on the walls of the city, when it comes to killing innocent people. The princess's bodyguard interfers by telling her that Wallace is a lier in some other language so Wallace will not understand, which lead Wallace to reply at the bodyguard in the same language that he spoke. Also demonstrating to the princess that he is capable of speaking other languages as well. The princess looks more surprised and dismisses her bodyguard.The two talk about the peace and the king's bribe to Wallace, which would make him one of the wealthy nobles. Wallace refuses the offer and tells the princess about the king's false word of peace by exposing the past of the king when he hung the villagers after giving them his word of peace. Wallace also shares with the princess his secret of his marriage to his beloved, and how the English murdered her. The princess shows affection. In conclusion, the princess has nothing more to say, because she now knows the truth about the situation. Consequently she returns persuaded of what Wallace told her about the king's wrongful doings.The Yale theory deals with the learning approach of the message, hence, the more person learns about the message, the more he becomes persuaded by it. From the text, Carl Covland at Yale University conducted the first systematic, comprehensive research projects that dealt with attitude change.

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