Persuasion By Jane Austen 's Persuasion

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In the novel Persuasion by Jane Austen, The character Lady Russell stands out as a character. She makes her appearance in the beginning of the novel by making an impression as rank obsessed .Her attachment with the family brings up the question whether she is with them because of their rank or because she genuinely enjoys their company and her favoring Anne. Her first statement of her judgment being blind by knowing someone’s rank makes her an unreliable character to know her intentions. In the second chapter, they discuss on cutting back on expenses and that it will not change the view of society on them for doing it. It seems that what society views the family, as is a big deal. Too much of one that it affects what they want to do and what they are expected to do. “…she had a value for rank …which blinded her a little to the faults of those who possessed them.” (15) Lady Russell has this obsession for the rank herself and others in society, to the point where it blinds her judgment. She talks about with Anne that “Kellynch Hall has a respectability in itself.” (16) She brings up again about respect in society, which makes it obvious her views and what she values in the novel. In chapter two, she tries to convince Sir Walter to move out of Kellynch Hall for a while in order to save and build up money. It seems she has two motives with this request she is attempting to persuade; either it is honestly a good thought for the Elliot’s or a hidden motive. Page 19, it is brought up of the character Mrs. Clay whom Elizabeth is great friends with and Lady Russell believes is a “very dangerous companion,” (19) simply because she views her as unequal to the Elliot’s. This makes her view on rank really prominent and makes the reader wonder... ... middle of paper ... ...fluence in the novel with the Elliot’s family with giving them advice. The first scene she is shown giving thoughtful advice to the Elliot’s is in Chapter 2, where she is trying to help the Elliot’s with their expensive to make everything stable for their financial needs. Lady Russell composes a list for them to abide by in order to make her advice successful. This discussion she is having with Anne who seems to greatly enjoy her company more than the other members of the Elliot family. Though, Lady Russell does seem to have her heart in the right place and really want to help the Elliot’s in whatever way she can, it becomes clouded by her obsessive need to view a person solely by their rank and what society views them as. She may have genuine intentions with the Elliot’s but her ideas and views of how they are presented take up a majority of what she thinks.
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