Perspectives of Love in Thomas Wyatt's They Flee From Me, and Edmund Spencer's Amoretti

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In past poetry, love and romance has been interpreted in many ways but mainly in a form known as sad and heartbreaking experiences. During the sixteenth century and times before that, many authors expressed love as gloomy and also wrote in the favor of men. Two interesting portrayals of love are in the sonnet “They Flee From Me” by Thomas Wyatt and collection of sonnets “Amoretti” by Edmund Spencer. In these poems, love is described mostly in two opposite ways. While “They Flee From Me” portrays men as the victim to women and their deviousness, “Amoretti” takes an opposing turn from how most poetry of that time wrote about love by celebrating it in a positive and joyful way.
“Amoretti” was a change and very different from most writings about love which expressed either death or dismay and Spencer talks about it as the most joyful experience . Because of this it’s safe to say no one dies, is severely depressed, overcome with jealousy, or vengeance. The inspiration for “Amoretti” is Spenser’s experiences obtaining his wife and the love tale between the two before their marriage. These poems provide thoughts and visions of love as exciting, joy-filled, and most importantly a pleasure to be in. For example, “And in the heavens wryte your glorious name. Where whenas death shall subdew, Our love shall live, and later life renew”, in this quote they say how there love will last forever (477). However, there is slight little conflict between the two lovers but all is solved just to make their bond stronger. This shows in this quote, ” Yet hope I well, that when this storme is past My Helice the lodestar of my lyfe Will shine again, and look on me at last,”(476). In those lines, the narrator hopes the storm between him and his lover will...

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... uses him and his feelings to become dominant over him. However, “Amoretti” contrasts by speaking of love in a positive and joyful way. Neither way completely defines a love relationship. It’s good that interpretations of love were diverse like these two sonnets, because there are all types of relationships when it comes to love. From these it can also be learned what love truly is more so from “Amoretti” but also what negative prospects to look out for in “They Flee From Me”. The real question is what is love to you, how do you view it, and how does it affect your life?

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