Perspective of Mary Anne Warren on Keeping Abortion Legal

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Perspective of Mary Anne Warren on Keeping Abortion Legal Works Cited Missing Mary Anne Warren is one of the top advocates for keeping abortion legal without any restrictions on it. She states that the morality of abortion is dependent on the moral status of the baby, not simply on the rights of the mother. She criticizes those who defend abortion as the right to control one's body: "it is at best a rather feeble argument for the permissibility of abortion. Mere ownership does not give me the right to kill innocent people whom I find on my property…" (The Monist, pg. 44) Using this analogy she shows that just because the fetus is inside us it does mean we have a right to terminate it. She starts off her argument by defining the difference between a human being and a person. The first is part of genetic humanity and the latter is part of moral humanity. She says that genetic humanity is not sufficient for moral humanity. She suggests that the "moral community consists of all and only people, rather than all and only human beings." (The Monist, pg. 54) If you are a person you have moral status and your rights should be respected, if you are not a person none of that applies to you. So, she says, all she has to do is prove that a fetus is not a person, and that will prove that abortion is in fact moral. But, the vital question is, if not all human beings are people, than how do we define "people", or those that have moral status and a right to life? There are five characteristics that classify you as a person, those being: 1) consciousness (of objects and events external and or internal to the being), 2) reasoning (the developed capacity to solve new and relatively complex problems), 3) self-motivate activity (that w... ... middle of paper ... ...o prove that it's not an adequate defense. At one point she says that we have a right to deprive other people of happiness because the fetus is inside of us, infringing on our bodies, but on the other hand she says this is not a reasonable argument for the defense of abortion. Warren's article is full of these types of holes. In the beginning of her article she states that "however we wish to construe the right to abortion, we cannot hope to convince those who consider abortion a form of murder of the existence of any such right unless we are able to produce a clear and convincing refutation of the traditional antiabortion argument, and this has not, to my knowledge, been done." (The Monist, pg. 44) But in fact she has not done this either. Her points are not backed up by proof, some of them are not even logical, and her arguments lead to preposterous results.

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