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Vision Just do a simple gesture every day, will be a big energy saving at home! Responsible consumption certainly helps to protect the environment, while saving us a lot of money. Saving energy is the most effective way to reduce emissions of CO2 (carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere, and therefore stop global warming and climate change. It is also the easiest and fastest way to achieve it. For every kilowatt / hour of electricity we save, we will avoid the emission of approximately one kilogram of CO2 in power plant where coal or oil is burned to produce the electricity. Goals & Targets Reduce the average quantity on several aspects in our consumer energy that we use at home base on the graph below: Plan & Act In the kitchen 1. Microwave: Use much less energy than the conventional oven: use this little device saves between 60% and 70 % of energy, if it is a model with Energy Save. 2. Oven: If I will be cooking at the oven, avoid open while powered on, and the temperature drops 25 to 30 degrees forcing the furnace to use more energy. 3. Stove: maximizes heat ensuring that the containers are a bit larger than the cooking zones employed so as not to waste heat. 4. Washer Machine: wash cycles in short program and use cold or lukewarm water. With the effectiveness of current detergent is sufficient. 5. Dishwasher: Washing dishes by hand with hot water is 40 % more consumption than if I use the dishwasher. 6. Refrigerator: The refrigerator is the most energy-consuming appliance in the kitchen. Specifically, 7% of the electricity bill comes from its use. Place the refrigerator properly avoiding places where a lot of the sun, defrost periodically to prevent ice that impede its operation to form. In the bathroom 1. Heater: The h... ... middle of paper ... ...r can prevent the emission into the atmosphere of about 1 ton of CO ₂ per year. Conclusion Our plan identify ways we can become more sustainability and framework for making educated decisions based on resource conversation and life cycle costs. It identifies sustainable goals for the purpose of conserving energy and reducing greenhouses gas emission within areas around our daily life, transportation ,energy efficiency, conservation, waste minimization, reuse/recycling, water quality and efficiency. These tips assume a simple gesture on the part of all family members. If we get used to consume and act responsibly at home, we will have more comfort with lower energy consumption and save much money over the year. When we added together projects to support these goals have the potential to make substantial progress on sustainability for improve our quality of life.
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