Personalized Medicine Model

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If all human beings are individuals with a distinctive genetic signature who are exposed to different environmental influences, the personalized medical model will allow healthcare professionals to customize medical treatments and improve their positive outcomes on the population. However, the personalized approach is a complex model which will require further investments in multidisciplinary studies that will investigate the complex interactions between several factors. Furthermore, there are several possible drawbacks, such as lack of genetic understanding among the population or the potential risk of genetic discrimination development, which could implicate the advantages of scientific development towards a personalized medical model. Despite the existing and potential limitations of the personalized medical model, the personalized medical model has the potential to improve treatment outcomes and the population’s health status if society can utilize its advantages and overcome the obstacles.

Current advances in genetics allow a greater understanding of diseases at the molecular level. Healthcare professionals will understand the genetic signatures of tumors and diagnostic tests for all chronic condition will become more accurate (Hamburg & Collins, 2010). The investigation of common diseases at the molecular level will allow scientists to establish different subtypes and create more therapeutic possibilities, so the public will benefit from greater chances of health recovery (Hamburg & Collins, 2010). Understanding disorders at the molecular level will allow healthcare professionals to identify and focus on the causes of disorders immediately rather than studying symptoms and relying on clinical judgment. A personalized appro...

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...stem based on the personalized medicine model, scientific research continues because the advantages of understanding both internal and external factors that contribute to disease development together allows the creation of more effective medical treatments than any healthcare professional can offer today. The development of personalized medicine further will require significant increase of genetic literacy among the entire population because they will have to understand the new perspectives of medicine and transform existing paradigms on health, disease, and medical treatments. A higher degree of genetic literacy among the public and further research on risk factor interactions will allow the complete development of personalized medicine to ensure diagnostic accuracy, treatment choice accuracy, and prevent potential discrimination or misuse of scientific knowledge.
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