Personality Vs Personality

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When two people stand next to each other their similarities may be more apparent. If someone were to look closer at the two people they could see the unique qualities that truly make everyone different. The kinds of qualities some people can’t notice just by looking at someone. As a group people may seem the same, but individually everyone has so many qualities to himself or herself that. It is human nature to categorize general population, but people should remember that everyone is still an individual person. My sister and husband personality, family background, education, and appearances shows what makes them who they are.
Appearances for Courtney, my sister, are very important. She is a neat freak and has to have everything perfectly
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She has always taken it very seriously. She has strived to make all A’s since she was in elementary school. She got this from the strict private school she grew up in for elementary and middle school. The population of this school at the time was just four hundred, and had a graduating class of eight. This small society helped her stay focused on her school work and build relationships with the teachers. In high school she was shocked to move to public school were the population changer to two thousand. Graduating from Louis D. Brandies Courtney moved from San Antonio to Dallas to attend the University of Dallas to get a degree in psychology. After a short year she was home sick and moved back to San Antonio attending Alamo Colleges. She currently has transferred again and attends the University of Texas in San Antonio. Similar to Courtney Austin was also focused on school. Due to a parents divorce he spent most of his educational journey from town to town. For first to fifth grade Austin attended a public elementary school in Oklahoma. He moved to San Antonio for sixth to eighth grade and went to Stinson middle school. After these few years pasted he moved back to Oklahoma. He spent most of his high school at Whitesboro High School. In Austin’s senior year he moved back to San Antonio and graduated from Louis D. Brandies. Soon after he became a security guard and is practicing to be a law…show more content…
She is very respectful to others and never tries to offend anyone. She takes some time to get to know, Courtney is very quiet and reserved at first. Courtney will do anything for her friends, she treats them as if they are her family. Her overall personality is calm and kind. Her favorite pass time is sitting in bed and learning to play the guitar while drinking a good glass of wine. Unlike Courtney, Austin is not at all calm. He thrives on energy all day long. The first impression of Austin is that he’s very straight forward and welcoming. Austin is always the life of the party. He treats his close friends very well and will do anything for him. He is the type of person someone would call when their down on their luck. When he’s at home though he changes from life of the party to being a dad. He gets more gentle, relaxed, and happy when he’s around his seven month old son. Austin’s favorite pass times are playing cards with his family and staying up all night, or playing with his seven month old son. Austin is the kind of person who is always looking out for others and always wanting the best for his
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