Personality Traits In The Police Officer

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Personality traits are the habitual patterns of behavior, though and emotion that are different and always exclusive to a specific individual, in very rare occasion do we find two people share similar traits even when they are a brother and sister or twin siblings. However there are those traits that are common among people at in such instances the differences between one personality and the other is the degree to which the trait affects them like in the case of aggression and even concentration. Trait in a person has been realized to be the major source of behavioral influence, as such chaotic behaviors could be caused by the trait of aggression on the other hand ability to have a better understanding could be influenced by the trait of patience…show more content…
These traits are conscientiousness, extraversion, openness to experience, neuroticism and agreeableness. In hiring police officer it’s important that the recruits should display the highest degree of personality traits that are necessary in their line of duty. Such arguments as that people with higher cognitive skills are most likely to quit their jobs due to less satisfaction should not hinder the need for better performance expected in the police and army officers. As much as this can be a fact facing the department of law enforcers, stake should not be lowered to suit the interest of the undeserving fellows which may in the long run cause a poor performance in the department. For a police officer to be able to effectively compete and challenge the circumstances that exist in their line of duty then they must be able to accommodate and display the five great personality traits that are very necessary to enable them make proper decisions when experiencing stress and difficulties in the field. The big five personality traits are able to aid the officers in a number of ways as…show more content…
However on the scale of one to ten it would be more prudent to consider agreeableness as the best trait that could be necessary for an officer to be able to positively interact. This trait will enable one to be friendly, tactful and warm towards challenges that may be facing him or her and as such consider other people interests first before his or her own interests. This people have the great interest of enhancing social harmony by being friendly, considerate, helpful and generous to others. In regards to the descriptions above I would propose that when hiring a police officer there should be a consideration of the cognitive skills and abilities. It’s through the cognitive abilities that the law agencies are able to ensure better services from the police officer because it is realistic that the cognitive abilities will have better results and better performances. Therefore the argument proposed by the hiring police department as its basis for disqualifying and locking out eligible contenders for the officers position is not valid at all
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